Hockey Punks

In a fantastic game in the Vilnius derby, the hockey punks manage revenge with a 6: 4 over Iron Wolf.

Fantastic match play Lithuanian striker Edgaras Rybakov, and he represents “Hockey Punks team reached the revenge of two clubs in Vilnius confrontation.
“Punks” leader won four goals and added a fruitful one pass and another one obstinate Vilnius derby this time victory 6: 4 against “Iron Wolf” happy “Hockey Punks. The members as revenge against an opponent for the first round of 3: 5 experienced failure.
In the first half both teams successfully went on in his defensive tasks and goals were not scored. The situation changed at the beginning of the second half, when the rival goalkeeper hard “Hockey Punks member Arthur Švedavičius (23:14, Res. Exaggerated. Edgar Rybakov , Rock Bacevičius ).
Half closer to the equator, after “Iron Wolf foul not only failed to score themselves, but fled to a quick counterattack Rapolas Marcinkevičius (27:59) minority goal tied the game.
Half the end there was no shortage of action: first, Dominic bistoury (38:09) guests brought forward, but the confusion to make it into exercising E. Rybakov (39:37, Res. Exaggerated. Marius Rankauskas , Laisvydas Rimkus ) still managed to level the score – 2: 2.
The third half “wolves” was already granted freedom pasižymėjusiam E. Rybakov , who received the maximum opportunity exhausted – he scored his second goal and brought “Hockey Punks” forward – 3: 2 (45:16, Res. Exaggerated. Laisvydas Kudrevičius ).
Again E. Rybakov thrived be lost to the quantitative side the lead – and put it to use, “hat-trick” Lithuanian team member to do was just 8 seconds (47:38, Res. Exaggerated. A. Švedavičius , L. Kudrevičius ). However, succumb to “wolves” and not going to the same goal by exploiting already answered “punk” received a penalty of team work goal completed D. bistoury (51:22, Res. Exaggerated. Edwin Boroškos , Dangyra Rimkus ).
After this situation “Hockey Punks” and failed to avoid further penalties and the young “wolves” but the opportunity to leveling swapped goals – the first goal of the season earned the last three years, the United States played a defender Tomašas Krukovski (57:59, Res. Exaggerated. E. Boroškos , David Četvertakas ).
Despite leveled the result for a long time “Iron Wolf” players could enjoy – have another attack ‘s Kudrevičius won his fifth club and the winning goal for the match (58:25, Res. Exaggerated. Laisvydas Rimkus ). After this episode guests tried to escape him by changing the sixth field player, which allowed E. Rybakova into the empty net to send the fourth own goal in the match (58:52).
The winning ranks Simas Baltrūnas stopping 32 of 36 strokes, while his counterpart on the opposite side of the square – the young Casimir Jukna arrested 31 of the 36 “Hockey Punks, players test score.
Vilnius Hockey Punks vs. Vilnius Iron Wolf 6:4 (0:0, 2:1, 4:2)