In a turbulent game Dinamo Riga had to beat the HC Sochi with 1-4.

Dinamo Riga fueled a lot of self-confidence after defeating Jokerit Helsinki and wanted to beat a strong Sochi side in today’s game. The goal was Gudlevskis, who had taken a break against the Finns.

Sochi was the more active team right from the start and always dangerous with their quick moves. Jokipakka gave the first good opportunity. After just under three minutes, Sochi took the lead – Kapustin’s shot could only knock Gudlevskis off for a moment, the Riga defense does not put the puck out of harm’s way, and in the second attempt Kapustin makes it 1-0 (3.). A little later, Riga came to a power play. In this Darzins or Myttynen had – after the passing of Videll – the compensation on the racket, but Barulin could prevent that. Sochi were always in danger with their quick counterattack – Klopotov and Tochitsky missed their chances. Towards the middle of the period Auvitu shoots and Tochitsky falsifies to 2-0 (11.). After this hit – as against Spartak – Gudlevskis left the ice and Bilyalov came. Both teams fought openly and towards the end of the third, Shmelyov forgot the opportunity to extend the lead.

After the break the same picture, Sochi again and again dangerous by the fast counterattack. Dinamo stopped and Maione kicks it with a shot from the blue line that Barulin can fend off. The guests no less and after a presentation of Jokipakka on Rosen this spoils the shot next to the gate. It went back and forth, the spectators were offered a quick game. Rakhimullin and Rosen forgave for Sochi their chances, at Dinamo were Darzins and Dzierkals good chances to score a goal.

In the final period it was hot again – Shmelyov had for Sochi the first chance in the counter attack it was Dzerins for Riga. The game picked up speed again – Polunin fails at Bilyalov and on the opposite side Barulin could hold a shot from Clark. Seven minutes before the end, Darzins was put by Polunin by means of legs and there was power play for Riga. Coach Ankipans took Bilyalov off the ice to have a 6-4-Over-Game. This tactic worked, Videll scored the first goal to 1-2 (56.). After this hit, the referees intervened in the game – Batna was put on the penalty box because of game delay, although he was previously checked against the gang and this covered with the hand for fractions of a second the puck. With loud whistling the spectators accompanied the overpayment game of Sochi. They did not really care about that, Shchtov scored the 3-1 (57.). After this hit Riga coach replaced the goalies, after Gudlevskis immediately take again for a sixth field player from the game. Maione hits with a shot from the blue line Redlihs in the face, which remains bleeding, and in the counterattack Rakhimullin makes everything with an empty net goal to 4-1 (59.). Redlihs had to be cared for in the cabin. Coach Ankipans complained to the referees, but it remained in the decision. Sochi wins this game at Riga, which is certainly too high on the score.

Dinamo Riga vs. HC Sochi 1:4 (0:2, 0:0, 1:2)

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