Avtomobilist turns 1: 4 against Lokomotive and wins 5-4 after Over-Time.

For the previously undefeated team of Avtomobilist waiting today with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl the second best team of the West Conference. For Lok there was a 0-2 home defeat against SKA two days ago. Yekaterinburg won 3: 0 at Jokerit Helsinki.
Avtomobilist took a 1-0 lead in the 13th minute with a Yegor Milovzorov overpowered goal. Worth seeing, however, was the preliminary work, while Dan Sexton sat on a wrist shot to which he did not redirect towards goal but on the shovel of his teammate.

In the 13th minute, the hosts Stepan Sannikov were quite alone and this took advantage of the 28-year-old to equalize. Only shortly thereafter, jakub Kovar saved in Avtomobilist Tor but in the 16th minute the Czech could only defend a blueliner for a short time and Andrei Loktionov dusted off the locomotive lead. In the middle third it was really good for Lokomotiv. After 31 minutes Avtomobilist did not get the puck out of the danger zone, Denis Alexeyev was able to get 3: 1 for Lok. 16 seconds before the second break then even the 4: 1 score from Yaroslavl. Stepan Sannikov hit Kovar’s shoulder just under the crossbar. With this second Sannikov goal, defending the white vest for Avtomobilist has become very difficult. In the 44th minute, Dan Sexton attempted to go it alone, knocking out three opponents, but before the goal he had to hand over the puck and Francis Pare used this for the second avtomobilist hit. Five minutes later, the duo struck again and again it was Francis Pare.

Now there was again a punishment after a long time, where it met Afanasyev. Anatoly Golyshev took advantage of that two-minute deficit to equalize in the 55th minute.
In overtime then secured Dan Sexton with his overtime hit to 5: 4 but still the 11th success in a row.

Avtomobilist Yekaterinenburg vs. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 5:4 OT (1:2, 0:2, 3:0, 1:0)

In Magnitogorsk Metallurg got off to a good start in the 4th minute thanks to the Vladislav Kalentnik goal. The guests from Cherepovets were in the 14th minute by Carter Ashton but before the first break to achieve the not undeserved compensation.
However, the second third was clearly the home team and Andrei Chibisov also scored the first goal for Metallurg in the middle of the match. Severstal could not grow in the final third and so celebrated Magnitogorsk a close but deserved 2: 1 home win.

Metallurg Magnitogorsk vs. Cherepovets 2:1 (1:1, 1:0, 0:0)


Slovan Bratislava vs. Spartak Moscow 1:4 (0:1, 1:1, 0:2)

CSKA Moscow vs. HC Sochi 2:1 OS (1:0, 0:1, 0:0, 0:0 1:0)