HC Viking Tallinn

National player Kevin Parras returns home and signs a contract with HC Viking Tallinn

The 23-year-old and 25-time national player Kevin Parras returns to his native city and signs a contract with HC Viking Tallinn.

Parras began his career in Germany at EV Augsburg. From there he moved to Finland where he was active for many years at Kookoo in the junior area. Due to his abilities he played as a U16 player both in Germany and Finland in the U18.

In 2013 he made his international debut in the senior team of Estonia, before he had already been appointed to the U18 and U20 team. In Finland, he played for two years at JHT, then moved in 2017 to France to Valenciennes, in the third division. There he completed only 16 games and his contract was not renewed.

Therefore, Parras accepted the offer of Viking Tallinn, also with regard to the upcoming World Cup IIHF Div 1B which will be held in 2019 in Estonia.