Dinamo Riga lose at home to a strong-playing Team from Spartak Moscow with 1:3.

After returning from very successful away games, Dinamo Riga hosted Spartak Moscow in today’s only KHL-Match of the day. The Spartans won only two of their last five games, most recently 6:1 over Traktor.

The first chance came from Spartak – Nikontsev failed at Gudlevskis and a minute later Clark found a good opportunity for Riga. After a nice move, Trinyov came to the puck, circled the Dinamo-Goal, put on Nikontsev who drew directly and scored the 1:0 (4.). Of course, Riga wanted to make up for it immediately, but Videll could not beat Hudacek. About six minutes before the frist break Karsums got the puck leaked, the shot immediately on goal, and Hanzl falsely untenable to 2:0 (14.). This hit was only good after video evidence, Dinamo had claimed goal away from goal. Spartak relented and only forty seconds later, Trunyov defended himself from Riga and dropped back to Khokhlachev, 3:0 (15.). After this goal Gudlevskis went off the ice and made room for Bilyalov. Shortly there was the first power play for Spartak and with a spectacular Save prevented the Latvian goalie another goal.

After the break, the crowd saw a very different side of Dinamo, who immediately determined the action on the ice. Riga wanted to turn the game around and with the punchy game, there were also plenty of chances: Myttynen on Clark, but he fails to Hudacek, as Darzins and Dzerins, Gimayev shot over or Fairchield next to the gate. It was not until the middle of the section that Spartak found the first good opportunity through Nikontsev, a little later it was Hanzl. After a mistake from Maione Talaluyev suddenly came to the puck standing in front of the gate, but Bilyalov could fend off. Dinamo continues to pressure but the result was denied, probably also the Videll and Darzins did not use their chances to reach the goal.

Riga took a power play into the final third, putting Spartak under pressure. One second after the finish Videll succeeds – after preparation by Maione – the first goal to 1:3 (41.). Dinamo continued after Myttynen and Pavlovs could not take their chances. Spartak got into a Power-Play for a good chance, Trunyov forgives this. Dinamo was only in attack – Fairchild and Videll failed at Hudacek. The punchy game of Riga continued with chances for Videll and Pavlovs. Maione tried a peasant trick but Osipov was just able to stave off his stick and prevent a hit. Four minutes before the end of the Riga Coach Ankipans take Bilyalov from the ice. Dinamo got stuck in the field of Spartak, but Hudacek held on tight. Seconds before the end Nikontsev had the chance of a Short Hander Goal, but he only hits the pole. Spartak Moscow wins 3:1 thanks to a strong first-period at Riga.

Dinamo Riga vs. Spartak Moskau 1:3 (0:3, 0:0, 1:0)