LT Hockey League

After three changes of leadership in an exciting Vilnius-Derby, the Iron Wolf win 5:3 over the Hockey Punks.

There were no friendships in the first meeting in the “Vilnius Derby”. From the start, both teams did not give away and fought for every inch of ice. In an exciting derby, the Iron Wolfs went through in the middle of the first third by a goal by Edvinas Boroška – after pass from Cetvertakas – 1:0 lead (11.). The punks immediately pressed for compensation, which in this section no longer fell and it went into the first break. After re-starting, the punks got better in this game. With a double whammy, the punks made this game for the time being: Laisvydas Rimkus equalizes to 1:1 (27.) and a few minutes later E. Rybakovas scored to 2:1 – the first lead for the punks (30).

The “Iron Wolf” urged immediately to equalize. This succeeded Dmitry Rabchuk, who used the feed of Misuik to 2:2 (35.). However, just 25 seconds later, the renewed leadership for the punks – newcomer Laisvydas Kudrevičius succeeds the hit to 3:2 (36.).
In the final section, both teams went on high pace with the better chance utilization for the iron Wolf. Within two minutes, the game was turned again – Rabčukas equalized to 3:3 (44.), and D. Bisturys brings the host even with 4:3 in front (45.).

Later in the game, the hockey punks were the game-determining team, but could not take advantage of the opportunities offered. Shortly before the end, the punks took their goalie from the ice to make up for the balance. But Iron Wolf was in a very good position on the defensive and Chetvertak made use of a mistake by the punks and scored 5:3 in the 60th minute with short shots seconds before the end. Thus, the Iron Wolf go in the first Vilnius Derby of the season as the winner of the ice.

Vilnius Iron Wolf vs. Vilnius Hockey Punks 5:3 (1:0, 2:2, 2:1)

Opportunity for revenge for the Hockey Punks on September 27, in the Vilnius Entertainment Arena, start of the game is at 20.15.

Two days earlier, on September 25th, the second meeting between Kaunas Hockey and Elektrenai, in the Kaunas Ice Arena, will begin at 8:00 pm.