Igor Shestyorkin #30, SKA St.Petersburg©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

Igor Shestyorkin #30, SKA St.Petersburg ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

SKA celebrates 2:0 success at Lok and Shestyorkin his second shut-out in a row – Ufa outclasses Barys 7:3 – three goals from Afinogenov in a 5:2 win over Dynamo Moscow over Minsk.

In Yaroslavl faced Lok and SKA today. The team from St. Peterburg recently celebrated two shut-out victories and already had five successes before the match. Lokomotiv, however, went into this duel with two wins from the last three home games.

In the first periode of both teams found good chances to shoot, Lok was the more dangerous team but the first goal in the game was still missing. Also in the second 20 minutes Yaroslavl tried to make the game. The first real attack of the guests led in the 28. minute but by Nikolai Prokhorkin to 1:0 lead for St. Petersburg. At the same time Lok Goalie Konovalev was a bit surprised from an acute angle. In the 36. minute Viktor Tikhonov used a build-up mistake to increase SKA 2:0. Lok made this third but even heavier, so had two overpower situations to be mastered. But the best penalty killing team in the league managed that quite easily. Lok gained momentum in the third third and also found a good chance through Yurtaikin. After SKA could not use another power play, it became hectic and this resulted in a power play for Lok. These two minutes did not lead to a hit. Lok was again the better and thus clearly game-determining team, but the goal did not succeed. With that, SKA passed Lok in the table and is now the first pursuer of West Conference Leader Jokerit Helsinki. For SKA goalie Igor Shestyorkin, this was after the 4:0 at Dynamo Moscow, the second shut-out in a row.

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl vs. SKA St. Petersburg 0:2 (0:0, 0:2, 0:0)

Avangard Omsk continues to turn to Avtomobilist. In today’s home game against Kunlun, Omsk was in the first 20 minutes, the more dangerous team and went through Evgeny Medvedev also earned a 1:0 lead. The Red Star could compensate in the 12th minute by Tomas Mertl but. In the second third Kunlun resisted seemingly successfully. 77 minutes before the second break, Kirill Semyonov hit the far corner with his placed shot for Avangard’s renewed lead. In the 44. minute, then the two-goal lead for Avangard, while forcing Sergei Shirokov a shot in front of goal. Kunlun at least tried to keep coming back. After Mertl found a good chance in the closing stages of the 59. minute, Taylor Beck made a fresh start. Just 33 seconds later, Omsk’s Semyonov’s Emty-Net goal – his second goal in the match – sealed a 4:2 home win.

Avangard Omsk vs. Kunlun Red Star 4:2 (1:1, 1:0, 2:1)

A competitive match took place today between Ufa and Barys Astana. The hosts marked after just under 50 seconds of play the 1:0 – Kugryshev uses an ideal pass from Omark to the lead (1st). Subsequently, a fight-based game developed. Barys scored a 5:3-overpayment and Petersson took advantage of that to make it 1:1 (16.). Ufa came to Power-Play minutes before half-time and Hartikainen scored the 2:1 lead (19.). The second periode began as the first, played just under 80 seconds and Sergeyev increased to 3:1 (22.). Barys Goalie Hrachowina had to make place for Kudryavtesv. However, that took little advantage, with just under four minutes later Hartikainen scoring his second goal to make it 4:1 (26.), and Larsen makes 5:1 (28.) shortly afterwards. In a next Power-Play Omark makes the dozen full – on presentation of Hartikainen he scored the 6:1 (32.). Barys totally from the role and Kemppainen succeed after Omark-Pass the 7:1 (36.) – a preliminary decision in this encounter. In the middle of the third periode, Ufa was slower and could be shortened by Mikhailis to 2:7 (47.). The final point put Barys with the 3:7 by Shevchenko (54), but this hit was only pure result cosmetics.

Salavat Ufa vs. Barys Astana 7:3 (2:1, 5:0, 0:2)

In the match between Dynamo Moscow and Dinamo Minsk, the hosts took the lead in the middle of the first periode of the game with a 1:0 lead by Afinogenov (13.). After the break Minsk came into play better and Yevenko succeeds after seven minutes, the 1:1 (27.). In Dynamo’s overture, Afinogenov scored his second goal 2:1, and just four minutes later Kagarlistky scored 3:1 (36.), also in a Power-Play. After about five minutes in the final periode Moscow again had a Power-Play and Afinogenov scored with his third goal in this game, the 4:1 (45.). Shortly thereafter, Minsk drew 5:3-Overplay and Sergei Kostitsyn shortened to 2:4 (52.). But this hit used even more, because Petunin sets with his goal the 5:2 final score (56.).

Dynamo Moskau vs. Dinamo Minsk 5:2 (1:0, 2:1, 2:1)


Severstal Cherepovets vs. Vityaz Podolsk 2:1 (2:0, 0:1, 0:0)