Dinamo Riga wins after two times behind Admiral Vladivostok still 3:2 penalty shootout

Before returning home to Latvia, Dinamo Riga had to compete at the easternmost club, Admiral Vladivostok. The hosts have been able to win only once in the regular season from the last seven games.

After a restrained start of both teams had Admiral by Konkov the first opportunity, Riga goalie Gudlevskis but wide awake. For Dinamo Maione tried with a solo from the own third, his shot was able to fend off Admiral keeper Krasotkin. In the middle of the session, Riga made some high-profile chances in a very powerful power play by Pavlovs, Redlihs and Darzins respectively. The leadership succeeds but admiral. Ugolnikov scored the 1:0 (15.) in a game of overpower. However, Riga’s head coach Ankipans called for a challenge. The referees gave the result for good after video view. Just three minutes before the break, Riga again had a power play, was initially allowed to thank Gudlevskis, who defeated a short-handed Butuzov. But then it was Riga’s turn and after a good pass from Darzins Videll meets to 1:1 (19.). This hit was only good after video evidence.

A few minutes after the restart, Riga had to go into an underpaid game. A few seconds after the end Chernikov scored the renewed lead to 2:1 (24.). After a gimmick by Konkov loses the puck to Pavlovs, but Admiral Goalie Krasotkin prevented the goal. The host now took the game in hand, awarded by Mischenko – of the blue line -, Vikharev and Ugolnikov good opportunities. After a quick counterattack Darzins forgives his chance to equalize. Barely two minutes before the second break, Riga came to a power play. In this one it was Maione – once again by the blue line – who equalized to 2:2 (38.). A few seconds before the siren, Riga was lucky, Voronin missed his chance to take the lead.

The final stage started with a double chance from Pavlovs, both times he fails Krasotkin. Shernikov had a good chacne for Admiral to lead, forgives this rather bumbling. It went up and down without much interruptions. The last two minutes of the game should be exciting: Power play for Admiral with two (!) Top chances for Riga on a short hander. Only then does Mischenko lose the target to Darzins, who only hits the crossbar, and seconds later Glazachev loses the puck to Skvorcov, but he also does not put the puck in the goal. The last chance to play decision had Admiral’s Vikharev – failed twice in a row at Gudlevskis.

In overtime Darzins and Videll forgave their chances of winning the game in favor of Riga. It was therefore in the penalty shoot-out by Admrial exchanged the goalie – it came Serebryakov for Krasotkin. It uses nothing, Videll transforms the decisive penalty to 3: 2 away win.

Admiral Vladivostok vs. Dinamo Riga 2:3 OS (1:1, 1:1, 0:0, 0:0, 0:1)