Dinamo Riga remain without points after the 1: 2 at Amur for the first time after 5 games – CSKA wins 4: 3 sfter overtime at Admiral.

In today’s second game in 24 hours for Dinamo Riga, the Latvians met Amur Khabarovsk. The guests have always scored points from their last six games. This series they wanted to continue today against Amur.

Dinamo made the game off the bully and literally tied Amur. Goalie Alikin was immediately under fire. The first good opportunity was Darzins – after passing Shulenin – before, but Alikin was at the post. Amur often did not know about this powerful initial offensive of the Latvians, and promptly received the first penalty. In this power play of Dinamo was also the “one line” on the ice. Maione, probably one of the best offensive defenders at the time, pulled away from the blue line several times, but either Alikin or a thug was in the way. Videll tried from close range, but also fails to Alikin as before Maione. Then it was Fairchild who took a heart, whose shot goes straight into the cross and Dinamo leads 1-0 (3rd). This was the wake-up call for Amur, who immediately tried to take command. For now, Rudenkov put his shot over the goal. Amur bet after a pass from Potekhin Ushenin scored the equal to 1: 1 (7) – Gudlevskis had no defense. Another power play for Riga remained unmarked, Alikin defused shots of Maione or Darzin’s shot jumps from the pole into the net.

Dinamo wanted to push again and ran into a counterattack – Pothekin grabs the puck in his own third, starts the solo run and heads for the goal of Riga to seek the conclusion. He outwits Gudlevskis – finds the gap between goalie and pole – and hits for 2: 1 (23). Amur came into a payoff soon after and Zohorna missed the chance to increase. Riga then came back into the action and it developed a game which went at high speed back and forth – MacMillan fails to Alikin, as soon after Videll. Shortly before the second break Amur came through Zohorna to another chance, but Gudlevskis caught the puck safely. Filippi could not brake in time and knocked over the goalie. The result was a fight and Zohorna and Gimayev had to sit in the penalty box. Riga had the last chance to equalize in that section, but Maione could not beat Alikin.

In the final stretch Riga started a real assault, they wanted the compensation – Videll, Sotnieks and Darzins fail to Amur goalkeeper. Amur only in the counterattack dangerous – Gorshkov came alone on Gudlevskis, but Riga’s goalie kept the nerve and thwarted this chance. Riga continues to advance and again MacMillan and Darzins awarded good compensation. Even a power-play was not rewarded – Maione again with a long shot, the Alikin can just distract. Even Myttynen from close range was denied the goal. Just before the Emde took Riga’s coach Ankipans a time-out and Gudlevskis from the ice. It did not help, Amur defended this lead and brought this short result over time. This leaves Riga for the first time after six games pointless.

Amur Khabarovsk vs. Dinamo Riga 2:1 (1:1, 1:0, 0:0)


In an open game CSKA took the lead by Kalinin (10). But had to accept by post Butuzov the compensation (12), before Okulov CSKA little later bring back into the lead (13). Admiral succeeds shortly after the start of the equalizer – Konkov utilizes a pass from Butuzov (25). Towards the middle of the second period, Glazchev takes Admiral into the lead for the first time (33rd minute). Admiral defends this lead with a lot of commitment, but there is nothing, Robinson scored in the middle of the final section 3: 3 (53.). It remained until the end. The decision was made in the over-time, Nestorov sealed after just under two minutes, the 4: 3 away win for CSKA.

Admiral Vladivostok vs. CSKA Moscow 3:4 OT (1:2, 2:0, 0:1, 0:1)